2017 Silver Hair Color Inspiration

Silver shoes, silver accessories, shiny silver outfits and finally silver hair. This hair color trend is perhaps the biggest and most popular for this year. If women were afraid to experiment with it in previous years many are ready to dye their hair in silver hair colors in 2017. Are you one of these enthusiasts? Keep on reading to reveal the best ideas of silver shades. Copy the most impressive looks to highlight your style.2017 Silver Hair Color InspirationPixie Geldof Silver Hair Color

It seems as if everyone matches silver hair colors either with long curls or short sleek pixie hairstyles. Pixie Geldof is always in the center of attention with her crazy haircuts and hairstyles. Compared with many of her experiments we can say that her silver hairstyle is quite subtle and elegant. It is a soft short pixie hairstyle in a light grey hair color.Winnie Harlow Silver Hair Color

Winnie Harlow is one of those unique stunners who have the chance to enjoy the beauty of two different skin tones. Her dark and light complexion allows her to go for any shade of silver she likes. So, she has decided to opt for a dark and light silver combination. Half of her long hair is in a dark hue and the other half in a light silver hair color. As a result, she wears a two-tone hair colors matching her two-tone complexion. Could anything else be so creative for her?Ariel Beesley Silver Hair Color

Ariel Beesley has the most delightful and sophisticated silver hair color. She is a cutie who combines her silver hair with the most elegant hairstyles. Many love her hairstyles that go well with sophisticated classy looks and outfits. She rocks the coolest silver-shaded hairdos. You may match your light hair with red lips to get a fancier look.Ariel Beesley Silver Hair ColorEvan Rachel Wood Silver Hair Color

Another two-tone silver hair color belongs to Evan Rachel Wood. In spite of her short haircut she has found the most creative way to dye it in a two-tone shade. Two-tone silver is a fantastic shade for her complexion. It lightens it up and makes her haircut fashionable. Say goodbye to your monotone shades and spice up your short haircuts with silver tones like a real celebrity. Now, you know how to do it right. Think out of the box and prove everyone that you are not afraid of huge changes.Evan Rachel Wood Silver Hair ColorLouisa Johnson Grey Hair Color

Louisa Johnson grey hair color is eye-catching thanks to her long curly hairstyle. She prefers more feminine haircuts and hairstyles but often seeks for new hair colors such as silver. Start the coming season with this shade and amuse your friends with your celebrity inspired choice.

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