Hair Color Trends 2016

Professional and qualified hairstylists whose clients are mainly celebrities have noticed the increasing tendency of wearing hair colors which are not new but yet have a stylish touch in the. The thing is about the trendy hair colors for 2016 which include lightened red, sombre, and babylights. These new hair coloring techniques already captured many colors 2016Trend #1: Lightened Red

Lightened red shade is the combo of subtle blonde highlights and light red hair color. This soft shade is worn by Emma Stone and to tell the truth it goes with her complexion making it even lighter. If you have such complexion you can opt for this hair color. It works on short haircuts and looks nice on long hairstyles as well. Emma Stone has used this style and got a very inuring hair color which looks very natural especially combined with her skin tone.

Miley Cyrus’ Hair Colors

Miley Cyrus is famous actress and pop singer in Hollywood. Many young people follow her because she was a teen idol after being cast in the Disney Channel television series Hanna Montana. These series made her popular around the world. Well, now about her style, Miley has changed her style many times. It is not only about her clothes it is about her hairstyles and hair colors as well. She likes to be different from all celebrities and she is doing everything to draw attention.Miley Cyrus Hair colorsNow she is in the center of attention because of her extravagant hairstyles and hair colors. As she is so popular and beloved, we have decided to bring her fans joy and select Miley Cyrus’ hair colors. I am sure if you are a fan of her you are going to love this article, let’s move on and see her unique hair colors.   

7 Hair Colors for Your New Look

Everyone has desire to go for variety unique hair colors but not all do that. But you cannot imagine how much fun new hair color will bring you. When you change your hair color into something unexpected you will draw attention and that is a source of getting self-confidence. The feeling of independence and attractiveness will keep you on the top. But before reaching to that top you should make your decision and look for some interesting hair colors.bold hair colors Try to choose colors that you have never tried before get a sexy look and rock the style. But now look at our suggestions maybe on this list you will find the color that you need. Your color options are limitless even if you do not like these ones; there are many other shades to get a result.

Black Hair Highlight Ideas

I bet you are looking for new ways to enhance the look of your hair. Well there are many ways to do it but the most popular one is highlights. Highlights are great for all women and they will always be trendy. You have probably noticed that celebrities always use highlights to make their hair color more impressive and stunning. Well, to be honest they are doing it highlightsBy the way you can also get the same effect by choosing a right shade for your skin tone. There are numerous highlighted ideas for your hair but today we want to represent you black hair highlight ideas. You have black hair? You are blessed, natural black hair is really cool and they are one of the most favorite ones. Some girls don’t appreciate their natural black shade but actually they should.

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas

So far I have seen thousands of shades for ombre hair starting from the natural-looking blondes, brunettes and red to the most dramatic bold shades of rainbow and pastel. All these options look unique and very beautiful but there are several versions that are the bests of all ombre hair colors. If you have decide to go for this trendy style then hurry up!ombre hairDark Ombre Hair

This is quite natural look that can provide you with an amazing hairstyle. It can look nice on long straight hair as well as on curly hairstyles.  This is the best option for brunettes who want to make their hair lighter and more attractive.

Beautiful Bold Hair Colors for 2016

There are plenty of bold hair colors among which you get confused and cans find your hue. But before picking one you should consider whether it is one of the bold hair colors for 2016 or not? Because we do everything to look beautiful and fashionable. Just for this reason I have collected the best bold shades for you to orientate and find the hue suitable for your complexion.bold hair colors 2016Rainbow Drama

When blondes go for pastel hues I think about darker brunettes. What shall they do to create such incredible hair color? In this case rainbow colors are the best solution. They are perfect for dark hair and always provide you with a unique hairstyle. You can choose several shades of rainbow like purple, blue and pink and get a nice hair color.

Demi Lovato Hair Colors

Demi Lovato is a famous pop singer whose styles fascinate many fashionistas. Like many celebrities Demi Lovato does not afraid to go for radical changes as well. One day she may be brunette another day blonde or pastel color wearers. Her looks are interesting because she appears with joyful hair colors which bring sunny mood to all her fans.Demi Lovato Hair colors She is a good inspiration for many young girls who try to change their looks first time. By the way changes are necessary and without them our life will be boring and tiring. If you want to impress people surrounding you just follow Demi Lovatos’ hair color ideas and fill your life with cool emotions and feelings.

Rihanna’s Hair Color Makeover

Celebrities are our guides in the world of fashion. We like to learn all the new from celebrities because their looks are very creative and stunning. To get rid of monotone looks it is enough to follow superstar’s styles. If we trace back several years ago we will see celebrities with different looks. We can say that sometimes it is even impossible to keep up with them.Rihanna hair colors But today we have decided to collect one of the most famous pop singer Rihanna’s hair color makeover. So have a look and find out something which is suitable for you. But do not forget to take into consideration all important factors because Rihanna did, that’s why all the looks of her that you are going to see are perfect for her.

Amazing Light Shades of Red Hair

Hair colors are meant to change your look. Some females decide to dye their hair only in a case when they see grey hair while others want to change their hair to have a fresh look. Hair color speaks about women’s character and it will be better to take one which will describe you just the way you are. All colors are unique but you need to go for a shade which goes well with your skin complexion.shades of red hair color There are females who choose a shade which is not suitable for their skin tone. To be honest wrong shade completely destroys your look so before you decide to opt for any color consult with your makeup artist and hairstylist. We do not want you to get a wrong shade for you. If you have decided to go for a new hair color but you are not sure which shade to choose, we hope our article will help you because it is about light shades of red. Now, red color lovers, go on reading to find the best shade of red for you.

Best Balayage Highlights and Ombre Hair Color

When it comes to balayage or ombre people always confuse these two styles. Actually they are similar but are not the same. If you want to go for a balayage you are supposed to deal with highlights rather than with two-tone coloring. On the other hand ombre requires two shades of hair colors which are closer to each other.balayage and ombreYour hairstylist should distinguish between these styles to provide you with the desired result. Balayage looks more natural than ombre. In its turn ombre is the technique which creates an incredible coloring. It’s the style due to which you get dark roots and light edges. This looks nice on bob and ling hairstyle and won’t be well-reflected on pixie cuts. Unlike traditional highlighting balayage is the style that is achieved in simple ways and provides you with more effective result. Since natural-looks are more stylish these days the majority for girls opt for the balayage style. This trend will continue to be in thing even in 2016 and if you haven’t gone for this style yet you can still try it.