2017 Silver Hair Color Inspiration

Silver shoes, silver accessories, shiny silver outfits and finally silver hair. This hair color trend is perhaps the biggest and most popular for this year. If women were afraid to experiment with it in previous years many are ready to dye their hair in silver hair colors in 2017. Are you one of these enthusiasts? Keep on reading to reveal the best ideas of silver shades. Copy the most impressive looks to highlight your style.2017 Silver Hair Color InspirationPixie Geldof Silver Hair Color

It seems as if everyone matches silver hair colors either with long curls or short sleek pixie hairstyles. Pixie Geldof is always in the center of attention with her crazy haircuts and hairstyles. Compared with many of her experiments we can say that her silver hairstyle is quite subtle and elegant. It is a soft short pixie hairstyle in a light grey hair color.

5 Fiery Red Hair Color Ideas 2017

Fiery red hair colors for 2017 come up with a few ideas and styles special for those who seek for brighter, flashier and more interesting shades of red. Check out these creative red hues and pick a style that meets your interests and seems to be the perfect one. Fiery red can be a good thing both for blonde and brunettes. It goes without saying that it’s ideal for natural redheads. They can experiment with a variety of fiery red styles and draw attention in the crowd.5 Fiery Red Hair Color Ideas 2017Fiery Red Ombre Hair Color

Leaving alone all the possible ombre hair colors we focus on the latest fiery red more shades. They are not so popular but tend to become thanks to brave models and celebrities. The best part about this hair color is that it’s fresh and rich. It differs from all two-tone hair colors and ombre styles. We see a mixture of dark roots with lighter tips with the help of fiery red and blonde hues. That’s all you need to warm up your skin color and overall look.

Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

Pastels are the most ethereal and celestial hair colors from the rich palette. Start thinking out of the box and change your mind about hair color ideas. Pick up a pastel hair color in 2017 and become a stunner. You can wear your favorite shade and enjoy it as a pixie that has run from a fairy-tale. Below you’ll see the most popular hues of pastel. Keep in mind that any pastel hair color can be combined with the desired complexion only when you opt for the right style and technique. While blondes easily make their choice, dark-skinned women need to think carefully before dying their hair.Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017Pastel Pink Hair Color

The first and the most delightful shade of pastel is the light pink. It’s the cotton candy hue that makes any hairstyle soft, more feminine and capturing. The thing is that pink is the most feminine color ready to highlight your girlish charm. It is awesome on waves and curly hairstyles. But you can match it with short haircuts too.

Ruby Rose’s Hottest Hair Colors

Do you want a hot inspiration for your hair? Check out Ruby Rose’s hottest hair colors and pick a shade for 2017. She is one of the bravest ladies in Hollywood who is not afraid of radical transformations and therefore often changes her hair colors from light to dark. This string of shades represents the best options that she has ever worn. She has experimented with any hair color that has crossed her mind.Ruby Rose’s Hottest Hair ColorsRuby Rose Red Hair Color

Her edgy pixie cut has undergone many changes with eye-catching hair colors. One of them is the coral red shade that works well with her complexion and warms it up. This hair color grabs attention with its softness. In spite of being warm and fiery it still has a kind of pastel peach effect, which keeps it subtler. Her short boyish haircut has become girlish thanks to this hue of red.

Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Dark black shades with a hint of blue are sometimes called ink blue hair colors. They are too deep and shiny in spite of being so dark. Some brave brunettes opt for blue black hair colors for 2017 to add extra-shine to their dark hair. This shade helps them to create healthier and thicker-looking hairstyles. There are cases when we see more creative effects of blue black as highlights. You can match them with pastel blue shades.Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Blue-Black Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Like any new hair color blue black also requires a special care and attention. It works well with many skin tones and eye hues but you need to make sure that it works with your base shade too. Actually blue black is idea for black and brown hair. It is not that flattering with blonde shades. You may get a lighter and brighter effect. But if you are ready for it then go ahead.

2017 Multi-Tone Hair Color Inspiration

There are plenty of styles for multi-tone hair colors for 2017. This is the most versatile category of hair colors where you can find all the crazy experiments, hair color combinations and highlights. Multi-tonal shades give you the opportunity to rock your favorite hues and shades. From the boldest reds to the lightest pastel there are amazing hair color trends for you to pick up for the coming season. If you haven’t found yours yet then you are in the right place. Have a look at these stunning multi-tone hair colors.pastel multi-tone hair colorDark Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Dramatic and edgy hairstyles are basically highlighted with dark multi-tone hair colors. Among them you can find bright rainbow mixtures, deep marine hues, reddish, blue, green and purple shades worn on brunette strands. These shades make dark hair brighter, deeper and more interesting. If you are not pleased of your current brunette hue you can easily make it eye-catching with multi-tone hair colors and highlights. Depending on your haircut your hair color choice can vary from soft colombre effects to the boldest highlights. Vivid and vibrant hues are waiting for you. Consult with a professional stylist and pick up a trendy  multi-tone hair color for 2017.

2017 Ombre Hair Color Trends

It’s an undeniable fact that ombre hair colors continue to be big hair trend. Find your ultimate hair color inspiration looking at these ombre hair colors for 2017. They are the most innovative and fascinating shades that you can find in the fashion world. You’ll fall in love with some of the most creative options. Besides the traditional ombre shades there are also pastel, reddish and silver ombre styles that work well with many complexions.2017 Ombre Hair Color TrendsSilver Ombre Hair Color

The first hair color trend that you can try in 2017 is the silver ombre hair color. Dye the roots in a deep brown or black shade and lighten up the tips with a grey shade. Once you achieve this hair color your hairstyles become trendier. All types of long waves and straight hairstyles compliment silver ombre hair colors. As for short haircuts, you can go for sleek or messy bobs.

2017 Dark Blonde Hair Colors from Celebrities

Dramatic and edgy hair colors are generally in bright and eye-catching shades. When it comes to dark blonde hues we see more naturalness and harmony. Dirty blonde shades are soft and they work well with light and dark skin tones. If you are into this hair color then check out dark blonde hair colors for 2017 from celebrities.2017 Dark Blonde Hair Colors from CelebritiesCara Delevingne’s Dark Bonde Hair Color

Steal her style because she knows how to deal with dirty blonde hair colors. Cara Delevingne is one of the hottest models who rocks neutral blonde hair colors that provide her with the seductive nude look trend. She is glamorous in sleek and long dirty blond hairstyles. They create an overall classy look for her. Just try to research dark blonde hair color on the internet. You’ll definitely meet Cara’s many looks with this shade.

Blorange Hair Color Trend 2017

The attest hair color trend for 2017 is the sophisticated bloranage. It’s the same blonde+ornage that provides with a warm pastel shade ideal especially for winter. Stylists tell that it’s the ideal winter pastel hair color. We couldn’t get enough of the orange-y hair colors in 2016 and we are ready to fall in love with the blorange hair color trend in 2017. From the soft light blonde to the lightest orange hair colors there are subtle shades to combine and get this wonderful hair color.Blorange hair colorBlorange Hair Color and Your Skin Tone

We always seek to match our hair colors with our interest and mood but one thing is obvious; we should pay special attention to our skin tone. Since blorange is a new hair color idea it is seldom seen in fashion. It will become more popular in 2017. Women with blonde hair easily achieve it on their locks and get sophisticated looks. It is mostly seen with cool complexions. Women with light skin wear blorange hair color to warm up their complexion. However, we believe that hair colorists and professional stylists will soon find the best way of getting a flattering tone of blorange for dark-skinned ladies too. All in all, it’s another pastel shade to combine with most complexions and create interesting looks.

2017 Glitter Roots Hair Color Trends

Start the year with a crazy hair color idea and beautify it with glitter roots. This awesome and eye-catching hair color idea is all the rage. It appeals to most young ladies who want to stand out with their unique style. If you are one of them then have a look at this string of glitter roots hair colors for 2017. Your style and everything you know about fashion will change immediately if you try this hair color trend along with matching hairstyles such as double buns.2017 Glitter Roots Hair Color TrendsThis hair color has officially won 2017 and it continues to remain requested in 2017 too. Women choose it as a fantastic way of highlighting their festive looks. Glitter roots are shiny and attractive. They make simple hairstyle so beautiful and charming. You should just find your hair color and add glitters to the roots. Now, I’ll explain the most flattering options. It’s definitely more a night look that a casual style to rock whenever you want.