Cool Chunky Highlights for 2016

Like clothes and accessories hairstyles also keep up with the fashion and each time it is possible to see celebrities with new hairstyle ideas. The most important part of hairstyle is hair color. You should know what color to choose in order to have a stunning and eye catching look. A hair color highlights our skin tone and shows the beauty of our complexions in other way.chunky highlightsSo, before going for any hair color changes you may consult with your makeup artist and hairstylist to know which color is the best for your skin complexions. There are females who do not want to go for radical changes but at the same time they want to get something new. If you are one of those females go on reading because we are going to speak about chunky highlights for 2016 which are probably for you.

Purple Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Sometimes girls want to dye their hair but they do not know which shade to choose because there are a lot of hues that are possible to wear. Probable it is one of the most difficult decisions that girls have to make because hair color may change everything.purple hair colorOne of the most used hair colors is purple but like other colors purple also has a lot of shades and girls who want to dye their hair into purple probably faced with this problem but now no need to worry about it because we are going to represent you popular purple hair color ideas for 2016 which undoubtedly will help you to make your decision. Go on reading and find out the most impressive purple shades.

Dark Hair Colors 2016

Dark hair colors actually tend to make your look more mysterious and hotter. Compared with other hair hues these shades don’t fade soon and easily. They can keep their shine and darkness for a long time. If you have natural dark hair you can refresh it’s look by adding some highlights. If you are natural blonde or redhead and want a radical change in your appearance you may go for dark shades. In this post you will find dark hair colors for 2016 and if you are thinking of changing your hair color you may take one of these shades.  dark hair colors 2016Jet Black Hair Color

Jet black is a trendy hair color which looks very deep and brings a seductive touch in your look. It is sported by many celebs like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Megan Fox and by many others. This shade goes almost with nay complexion and suits every haircut from pixies to super long hairstyles.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016

When it comes to blonde hair colors you have a lot of choices. Blonde hair hues are very trendy and fashionable: females really like to wear this color. Since we know that blonde hair shades are one of the most popular ones, we will represent you blonde hair color ideas for 2016 because if we want to have a good  look we should always keep up with fashion and try all possible ways to create an interesting and astonishing look.blonde hair color ideas 2016We have decided to take famous celebrities as examples in order to make it clearer for you. Go on and see which celebrity wore the color that you would like to have in 2016.

Stunning Vibrant Orange Hair Color

There are many hair colors that inspired you to change your look. Different vibrant colors and highlights are used to enhance your beauty. It is possible to wear any hair color and walk down the street because the tendency of wearing extravagant hair colors is growing. Celebrities were the first producers of those colors. Every day we may see beautiful celebrities wearing new and unique hues which make even difficult to recognize them. Girls who like changes are getting inspired by celebrities and try to have the color that celebrities wear. If you, too, are a fan of unique and extraordinary looks, here we have an amazing suggestion for hair colorsVibrant orange hair color is one of those doll colors that girls like to sport. There are a lot of orange hues which one may sport. Before going for this color consult with your hairstylist because orange is not a hue that may be suited with all types of skin complexions.  Actually orange hair color is perfect for girls with pale skin light eye colors. The wearers of this color seem appeared on the Earth planet from fairy-tales and bring joy with them.

Golden Blonde Hair Colors

There are females who like to choose bright hair colors. According to many women, bright hair colors give them self-confidence which is the most important part of feeling beautiful. There are a lot of ways to feel beautiful but the easiest one is just to change the color of your hair. We are going to make happy all bright color lovers because our topic today is golden blonde hair colors. This color is sometimes associated with shining sun and girls who wear this hair color got the name of sun-kissed look. So who would not like to shine as bright as the sun.trendy golden blonde hair colorsBefore getting your hair color do not forget to think about the main factors like skin tone and eye color. Let’s see your skin is suitable for this shade or not. If you have a warm skin tone and eye color make sure that this hair color is going to make you tempting and alluring. Due to this color the beauty of your face will pop out and make you understand that you are completely ready to rock the world.

Cool Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2016

New hair color always has a good impact on us. When it comes to hair color sometimes we cannot concentrate which color to choose because all colors are beautiful and unique. The main factor that you should take into consideration is your skin complexions. You may like the color that you have chosen for you but do not forget to find out which colors are suitable for your skin complexions.light brown hair colors 2016It is possible to get new colors by mixing several shades and each time when hairstylists come up with interesting hair color ideas, they bring joy to all females. So if you do not know what color to choose for you maybe our article may help you to make your decision. This time we are going to speak about light brown hair color for 2016 so keep up with us and see whether this hair color is for you or not.

Famous Ladies with Jet Black Hair Color

Some Hollywood stars have fantastic dark hair colors that often inspire us. In this article you will see famous ladies with jet black hair color. This hair color is very trendy and gives you more than a simple attractiveness. It’s very hot and sophisticated. It was worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tatou, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Dita Von Teese and many others.jet black hair color 2016Dita Von Teese Jet Black Hair

This super pin-up girl loves to be in classic styles and wearing jet black hair color on her short stylish haircut she just sparkles. This hair color brings out her pretty face features and highlights her light skin and light eyes. She looks very stunning and hot with dark hair color.

Five Celebs with Original Hair Colors

Celebrities give us a chance to discover new looks and find out what is beautiful and what is not. They come up with new looks so we have an opportunity to make our opinion about this or that style. Sometimes they can be inspiration for us to break all stereotypes and go for a completely new look, of course not all will be ready to do it, but if you are one of them, surely you are going to love our article, because we have decided to speak about five celebrities with original hair color.celeb hair colorsThe best way to change your appearance is to change your views towards the life. First of all you should live more for you than for others so that is why you do not need to pay too much attention to people who think that your look is not so proper. If you want something, throw away your fears and go ahead. For the first step let’s see what extravagant hair colors celebrities suggest us. Different celebrities appeared at events with different hairstyles, they do not care about color because each time they may chose the one that they want.

Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Seems blonde hair colors never get out of trend. Females like to have blonde hair, it is said that blond hair is more fun, but that does not mean that other colors are not as cool as blonde hair. There are different kinds of blonde colors, so if you one of those who decided to transform from one color to another, here is excellent color for you and that color is ash blonde. This is one of blonde shades that cost to try.Ash blonde hair colorYou may go for both light and dark ash blonde hues it depends on some factors. Before going to any changes take into consideration all options. The blonde hair colors are excellent for women with cool skin tone. So if you have a cool skin complexion you do not need to think whether this hair color is going to suit you or not.