Stylish Ombre Hair Ideas

Ombre is a hair coloring technique that beautifully changes your style. Today many celebrities go for this hairstyle and among them you can see Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel. You can achieve this effect by dyeing you roots with darker shades and the ends with lighter hues. If you like you can use the contrasting method by combining too dark and too light hair colors. The most awesome thing about this style is that it doesn’t ask any complexion or eye color. It suits every woman.ombre hair 2016If you are too busy to style your hair every day you can sport an ombre hair which is a special style itself. It’s ideal for any event and provides with a new and fashionable look for you.dark ombre hairTo get this effect you are supposed to go through the following steps. Women with dark hair color should apply golden shades to the ends of their hair and darker hair color on the roots. The perfect ombre hair can be provided by a “moist” type of light hair. The best combos make brown and blonde hair colors allowing both blondes and brunettes wear ombre hair.blonde black ombreMany brave women sometimes go for colorful ombre using either bright or mild hues. If you like you can use pastel hues for your ombre hairstyle and the so wanted trendy look will be provided.

How to Maintain Ombre Hair

It’s a well-known fact that the worst enemies of hair color are water and wrong hair products which make your hair color fade quickly. If you don’t want to face such unpleasant states then you should use hair color protective formulas appropriate for your hair dye. You can find them at any beauty salon or you may refer to your hair colorist for a good advice. Try to do regular touch ups to keep the shine of your hair and the colors you used while dyeing.

ombre hair 2016Since ombre is one of the recent hair dyeing styles you can use it in 2016 bringing a new touch into your look and amusing people around you. You’ll surely love the result and the wonderful effect it has.ombre on short hair

ombre on medium lenght hair

ombre hair2016

ombre hair warm colors

ombre hair on curls

ombre hair celebrity

ombre for bob 2016

ombre  on straight hair

new ombre style 2016 contrasting ombre hair

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