Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

Pastels are the most ethereal and celestial hair colors from the rich palette. Start thinking out of the box and change your mind about hair color ideas. Pick up a pastel hair color in 2017 and become a stunner. You can wear your favorite shade and enjoy it as a pixie that has run from a fairy-tale. Below you’ll see the most popular hues of pastel. Keep in mind that any pastel hair color can be combined with the desired complexion only when you opt for the right style and technique. While blondes easily make their choice, dark-skinned women need to think carefully before dying their hair.Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017Pastel Pink Hair Color

The first and the most delightful shade of pastel is the light pink. It’s the cotton candy hue that makes any hairstyle soft, more feminine and capturing. The thing is that pink is the most feminine color ready to highlight your girlish charm. It is awesome on waves and curly hairstyles. But you can match it with short haircuts too.Pastel Pink Hair Color 2017Pastel Purple Hair Color

Pastel purples are flasher hues that work with light to dark complexions including tan and olive skin tones. The reason why pastel purple hair colors are so stylish is that they are ideal for short haircuts and the majority of fancy women go for short haircuts to stand out in the crowd. So, pastel purple is a cool shade to pair with short pixie and bob cuts and keep your feminine delight.Pastel Purple Hair Color 2017Pastel Green Hair Color

Consider Kylie Jenner’s pastel green hair color in 2017 for your sleek hairstyles as she has worn the best hairstyle for this shade. If you have dark skin you can keep the roots darker for a better balance. This shade is also called mint and is considered as the lightest green hair color.  Pretty Pastel Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017Pastel Blue-Silver Hair Color

Recently we seldom see pastel blue hair colors as monotone shades. They are mostly highlighted with silver tints, which make it shinier and more attractive. This can be the upgraded option of the granny hair trend. You mix pastel blue and silver hues to achieve a blue-grayish hair color with more interest. It is fabulous with dark blue roots too.Pastel Peach Hair Color

Being inspired by the rose gold hair color, stylists create pastel peach shades with pinkish and blondish highlights. Use your fantasy to get a unique pastel peach hair color and match it with trendy hairstyles. If you have long hair you may think of a lovely peach ombre hair color.Pastel Peach Hair Color 2017

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