Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends 2017

Unveil the best collection of the low-maintenance hair color trends for 2017. These lady-girl-approved shades are the best to consider when you don’t have that much time to spend on your hair but still want a trendy update. Cute hair highlights and modern hair color trends will surely help you to solve that problem. No matter your base shade, you can always refresh it with hot trends.Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends 2017Face-Framing Highlights

The easiest way to spice up your hairstyle is adding some fresh face-framing highlights. They will look natural and will embrace your hair. Depending on your skin tone you can choose either light or dark shades for the front strands. The result also depends on your natural hue. Brunettes, for example can go for caramel highlights while blonde-haired women are welcome to add some golden or honey tints.Multi-Tone Blonde Hair Color

Your dull, shine-free and monotone blonde hair color will become very attractive if you wear a multi-tone blend of blonde hair colors. They can be warm and cool at the same time as you may mix platinum and ash shades with warm honey and dirty blonde hues. This trick is great for lazy girls because it doesn’t require frequent updates and salon visits and looks fantastic even after several washes.Balayage Hair Color

Why do so many women opt for balayage hair colors? The secret is that it’s both trendy and low-maintenance. Balayage hair colors look natural and they are fancy even in faded effects. So, you will need to touch it up only when you seek for a fresher look. It is beautiful no matter what. Even your grown out roots don’t ruin it. You can enjoy balayage hair colors for a long time without spending much time on salon appointments.balayage hair color 2017Dark Roots Hair Color

Do you often wear light hair colors on your dark locks? Well, perhaps you lighten up the roots every 4 weeks. Why do you choose it if there is the dark roots hair trend? You can just keep your natural dark shade at the roots and work only on the rest of the hair. This makes your job easier and provides you with a fashionable solution. Dark roots with lighter ends are the latest stylish contrasts.dark roots hair color 2017Natural-Looking Highlights

We all dream of natural-looking shiny hairstyles and hair colors but sometimes we have to go for hair highlighting ideas to achieve the desired look. If you opt for natural-looking highlights that are closer to your base shade then you will get a low-maintenance shade. It’s all lazy and busy girls seek for. Read more about hair colors 2017 here.natural-looking hair highlights 2017

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