Grey Hair Color and Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

Grey is an ethereal hair color with its light and dark shades. It comes up with a variety of tones to match various complexions. Taking into account the increasing popularity of this hair color trend we would like to focus on the most suitable hairstyle ideas for grey hair. Here are the best grey hair colors and hairstyles for 2017.Grey Hair Color and Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017Long Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Dark silver or black roots are great if you want to get a grey ombre hairstyle. Long tresses with dark roots allow you to lighten up the tips with a light shade of grey and achieve this cool result. One of the most popular ombre hair colors is the grey ombre for the moment. It continues to remain a big hair color trend for 2017. So, if you have long hair you can change it up with these two tones.Grey Hair Color and Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017Light Gray Pixie Hairstyle

Light gray plays a great role in the world of short haircuts. It is usually chosen as a softening means and is always sophisticated with short pixie and bob haircuts. Here you see light grey hair color with a trendy pixie haircut. In fact, this combo is quite harmonious and feminine. You can choose it for any season. Older women with natural grays have the chance to rock a super trendy look with this awesome style.grey pixie hairstyle 2017Grey Bob Hairstyle

The next is the fancy bob haircut in a gray shade. This is another luxurious and fabulous combination in spite of the fact that bob haircuts look subtle in all styles. They don’t need additional touches to look feminine like in the case of pixie haircuts. You can rock a bob cut the way it is but if it’s too dull for you then try a silver shade matching your skin color.grey bob hairstyle 2017Multi-Tone Grey Hair Color for Natural Curls

Whether you have black curls or lighter natural curls they will be thankful if you opt for multi-tone grey highlights and hair colors. The base shade can be dark grey while the highlights can be lighter and subtler. Curly hairstyles usually mix the base shade with the highlights, that’s why the result is generally more beautiful and lavishing.natural grey curls 2017Dark Grey Updo Hairstyle

Look at this festive and cool updo hairstyle that’s ready to complete your prom look. It’s a fantastic hairdo for dark grey hair colors. Braids bring out the shine of the dark grey tone and draw attention to the details of the hairdo. You can pair it with a stylish, romantic and elegant hair accessory made of silver or in a silver shade. Your look will be more than royal and luxurious in this hairstyle.grey updo hairstyle 2017

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