Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Dark black shades with a hint of blue are sometimes called ink blue hair colors. They are too deep and shiny in spite of being so dark. Some brave brunettes opt for blue black hair colors for 2017 to add extra-shine to their dark hair. This shade helps them to create healthier and thicker-looking hairstyles. There are cases when we see more creative effects of blue black as highlights. You can match them with pastel blue shades.Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Blue-Black Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Like any new hair color blue black also requires a special care and attention. It works well with many skin tones and eye hues but you need to make sure that it works with your base shade too. Actually blue black is idea for black and brown hair. It is not that flattering with blonde shades. You may get a lighter and brighter effect. But if you are ready for it then go ahead.Blue-Black Hair Color 2017Rihanna Blue-Black Hair Color

Some posh celebrities including Rihanna have experimented with the deep blue-black hair color. It has really been one of her most original shades, that compliment her cool undertones. As you see, her dark skin doesn’t forbid her to go for this shade. Moreover, it looks suitable and harmonious with her skin and eyes.Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Kylie Jenner Blue-Black Hair Color

Is there a crazy hair color that Kylie hasn’t chosen for her hair? She looks like a Disney lady who has worn all the possible bright hair colors inspired by the rainbow game. Kylie also has tanned skin tone with dark eyes, which go well with deep blue black hair colors. This ink shade makes her hair look thicker and prettier.Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Katy Perry Blue-Black Hair Color

Having fair skin, light eyes and naturally blonde hair Katy has proven that she can go for any dark hair color she likes. We are not surprised with her deep blue black shade, which are actually a combination and not a mixture. The most interesting thin in her hairstyle is that she has added blue highlights all over her black base tone and the result is delightful.Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017Demi Lovato Blue-Black Hair Color

Another light-skinned celebrity with blue-black hair is Demi Lovato. Look at her charming look with that elegant updo hairstyle. Her blue black hair color is quite vibrant and electric. It highlights her fair skin and draws attention to her dainty eyes.

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