5 Stunning Hair Colors for 2017

Need a fresh hair color inspiration for spring and summer? Have a look at this string of stunning hair colors for 2017 and pick up an original shade for your locks.  These are the latest crazy shades worn by stylish and brave celebrities. Try one of their hair colors to look like a Hollywood star. Actually, some of the looks are too eye-catching and unique.5 Stunning Hair Colors for 2017Hayley Williams Orange-Pink Hair Color

The split style seems to be quite inspiring for Hayley Williams. She has dyed half of her hair in pink and the other half in orange hair colors. The color block is flashier thanks to the blunt bangs, which separate the two shades and bring out the difference between warm orange and bright pink. These two are neon hair colors that go well with her pale complexion.Hayley Williams Orange-Pink Hair Color 2017Perrie Edwards Pink-on Pink Hair Color

Look at this stunner. This is Perrie Edwards with her dramatic pink-on-pink hair color combination. It reminds us of the cool reverse ombre hair colors when the roots are lighter than the tips. She has a created a fresh and inspiring hairstyle for spring and summer 2017. It suits her very much as she has light skin tone and pink looks perfectly on her.Perrie Edwards Pink-on Pink Hair Color 2017Jade Thirlwall Blue Highlights

Jade Thirlwall is into the blue black hair color trend and she does it so professionally. Her long black hair becomes brighter and flashier with deep blue highlights. They go well with her tan complexion and dark eyes. She becomes very mysterious and seductive in this blue wavy hairstyle. If you ever decide to spice up your brunette hair then do it like Jade Thirlwall does.Jade Thirlwall Blue Highlights 2017Amber Le Bon Dip Dye Hair Color

Copy Amber Le Bon’s dip dye hair color in 2017 as your trendiest hair color solution.  This girl has plenty of dip dye jobs but this one of the latest version worn with dark roots. It is close to colombre hair colors only with a simpler effect. You can do it with your long brunette hair and make them lighter at the tips. Hair looks even longer when it’s light at the ends.Amber Le Bon Dip Dye Hair Color 2017Nicole Richie Blue Hair Color

Deep blue, turquoise, dark silver? What is it? While stylists do their best to realize Nicole Richie’s new hair color bloggers have already called it dark blue. Because this is not the first time we see Nicole Richie in blue hair color we can say that it has become her favorite crazy shade. She likes purple hues too, but mostly experiments with deep blue shades, which compliment her cool undertones and dark skin. She never gets it worn when it comes to rainbow hair colors.Nicole Richie Blue Hair Color 2017

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