5 Most Popular Hair Color Trends for 2017

Every year we see new hair color ideas that soon become popular and win the first places on the top listed shades. 2017’s most popular hair colors are represented below. If you want to find out whether you wear a trendy shade or not then keep on reading. You’ll get 5 hair color ideas to think over and opt for a lavishing shade for 2017.5 Most Popular Hair Color Trends for 2017Copper Hair Color

The most sparkling and eye-catching hair color for 2017 is the copper shade. It’s the hottest red hair color that’s one or two tones brighter than the natural ginger red. Both redheads and blondes can feel its charm by enhancing their natural hair colors. As for brunettes, they are welcome to go for darker copper hues. Compared with many red hair colors copper always looks fresher and more seductive.copper hair color 2017Light Hair with Dark Roots

It seems as if this hair color is not going to leave us. Moreover, it comes up with fancier solutions and styles. We see many light hair colors with dark roots. Both pastel and blonde shades look fantastic with daintily dyed dark roots. This solution is perfect especially for women with naturally dark hair. If you look for a natural-looking two-tone hair color then this one will be the best thing to consider this year.light hair with dark roots 2017Balayage Hair Color

Dark brunette hair colors with caramelized and golden highlights look fantastic particularly when hair is long. Here is the balayage hair color trend for any occasion. It comes up with luxurious highlights and natural effects. Many celebs rock balayage hair colors as there is something very posh and feminine in this style. It goes well with loose and messy waves.balayage hair color 2017Bronde Hair Color

Bronde hair trend is the most common and popular one you could see in fashion. Its best advantage is that stylists easily offer it both brunettes and blondes because it compliments both skin tones. If you want to get a cute mixture of brown and blonde hues then the bronde hair color is the most suitable shade for you. It’s natural-looking and neutral. Anyone with this shade looks very sophisticated.bronde hair color 2017Multi-Tone Hair Highlights

In case of searching for the trendiest hair highlights here is a good example for you of a multi-tone highlighted hairstyle. No matter what base shade you have; choose matching tones and highlight your face framing locks to lighten or darken them up. Consult with a professional to pick the right placement of highlights according to your haircut.multi-tone highlights 2017

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