2017 Ombre Hair Color Trends

It’s an undeniable fact that ombre hair colors continue to be big hair trend. Find your ultimate hair color inspiration looking at these ombre hair colors for 2017. They are the most innovative and fascinating shades that you can find in the fashion world. You’ll fall in love with some of the most creative options. Besides the traditional ombre shades there are also pastel, reddish and silver ombre styles that work well with many complexions.2017 Ombre Hair Color TrendsSilver Ombre Hair Color

The first hair color trend that you can try in 2017 is the silver ombre hair color. Dye the roots in a deep brown or black shade and lighten up the tips with a grey shade. Once you achieve this hair color your hairstyles become trendier. All types of long waves and straight hairstyles compliment silver ombre hair colors. As for short haircuts, you can go for sleek or messy bobs.2017Ombre Hair ColorCaramel Ombre Hair Color

Caramel is a widely used hair color trend. It is ideally worn on brunette hair. In order to create a stunning caramel ombre hairstyle you can take an example from Rihanna. This is not the first time she experiments with caramel ombre. It suits her complexion and long hair. As you see she has worn it with an edgy undercut, which highlights the darkness of her roots. Keep the tips in a curly style for a subtler and more feminine look.2017 Ombre Hair ColorBlonde Ombre Hair Color

Although ombre is an ideal style for dark hair but it can be paired with lighter shades too. If your roots are in caramel or lighter brown hues you can lighten up the tips with a blonde shade and get a sophisticated ombre hair color. This works well when hair is naturally light. The best thing about it is that it’s more well-balanced then the rest of ombre styles. You can lighten up your complexion or make it warmer with brown and blonde shades.2017 Ombre Hair ColorRed Ombre Hair Color

The next is the edgy red ombre hair color, which requires black or at least dark brown base shade. This flashy hairstyle is achieved thanks to the fiery red shade, which is placed at the ends of the hair to create that ombre look. If you like red hair colors and have dark hair you may consider this hairstyle for your medium or long hair in 2017.Red Ombre Hair ColorPastel Ombre Hair Color

Who says pastel is created only for light hair colors? Look how gorgeous it looks with dark roots. Think out of the box and dye your hair in pastel ombre keeping your natural base hair color in a dark or light brown tone. His will give you the chance to enjoy a creative and unique hairstyle.2017 Ombre Hair Color

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