2017 Multi-Tone Hair Color Inspiration

There are plenty of styles for multi-tone hair colors for 2017. This is the most versatile category of hair colors where you can find all the crazy experiments, hair color combinations and highlights. Multi-tonal shades give you the opportunity to rock your favorite hues and shades. From the boldest reds to the lightest pastel there are amazing hair color trends for you to pick up for the coming season. If you haven’t found yours yet then you are in the right place. Have a look at these stunning multi-tone hair colors.pastel multi-tone hair colorDark Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Dramatic and edgy hairstyles are basically highlighted with dark multi-tone hair colors. Among them you can find bright rainbow mixtures, deep marine hues, reddish, blue, green and purple shades worn on brunette strands. These shades make dark hair brighter, deeper and more interesting. If you are not pleased of your current brunette hue you can easily make it eye-catching with multi-tone hair colors and highlights. Depending on your haircut your hair color choice can vary from soft colombre effects to the boldest highlights. Vivid and vibrant hues are waiting for you. Consult with a professional stylist and pick up a trendy  multi-tone hair color for 2017.pastel multi-tone hair colorLight Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Compared with dark multi-tone hair colors lighter ones are subtler and more feminine. They come up with pastel mixtures worn on light blonde hair. Instead of displaying your wild beauty like brunettes do, your stylist can help you bring out your inner angelic beauty with multi-tone pastel hair colors.  Those who want to wear natural-looking light multi-tone hair colors should refer to blonde shades. Light and warmer hues of blonde are ready to provide you with a richer hair color. If that’s all you are looking for then start highlighting your blonde hair golden, honey and sandy shades.pastel multi-tone hair color 2017

pastel multi-tone hair color for 2017Multi-Tone Dip-Dye Hair Color

The combination of two huge hair color trends is something very glamorous. The thing is about multi-tone dip-dye hair colors. This deals only with the tips of your hair keeping the top part in your natural hue. Dye the ends in a vibrant and bright blend of hues and achieve a rich dip-dye hair color. Depending on the lightness or darkness of your hair color you can decide which shades best go with your style. There are also three-tone hair colors that create a dip-dye look. The choice is up to you. Pick up the best one.  pastel multi-tone hair color 2017

2017 pastel multi-tone hair color

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