2017 Glitter Roots Hair Color Trends

Start the year with a crazy hair color idea and beautify it with glitter roots. This awesome and eye-catching hair color idea is all the rage. It appeals to most young ladies who want to stand out with their unique style. If you are one of them then have a look at this string of glitter roots hair colors for 2017. Your style and everything you know about fashion will change immediately if you try this hair color trend along with matching hairstyles such as double buns.2017 Glitter Roots Hair Color TrendsThis hair color has officially won 2017 and it continues to remain requested in 2017 too. Women choose it as a fantastic way of highlighting their festive looks. Glitter roots are shiny and attractive. They make simple hairstyle so beautiful and charming. You should just find your hair color and add glitters to the roots. Now, I’ll explain the most flattering options. It’s definitely more a night look that a casual style to rock whenever you want.2017 Glitter Roots Hair Color TrendsGlitter Roots and Your Hair Color

Hair colors play a great role when it comes to glittery roots. If your natural shade is dark then you have a great opportunity to play with rainbow and bright glitters, which will enhance your shade and make it prettier. Other options for dark hair are glossy golden glitters and golden leaf hair color trends placed at the roots. Those with light blonde hair colors should go for silvery and shiny glitter roots, which will make their strands capturing. In this case, pastel hues also work well. Just create well-balanced and beautiful effect avoiding overdoing.Glitter Roots and Your Hair ColorGlitter Roots and Bold Hair Colors

Besides natural hair color glitter roots are also combined with most bold shades from light to dark. We see both pastel and darker hair colors with glitter roots. These combinations work well only when you choose the right hues according to your skin tone. Blondes and light-skinned girls usually go for pastel pink, blue, green and lavender hair colors and then add flattering glitters to the roots. Dark red, blue, purple and green shades are highlighted with darker hues of glitters. These are harmonious and hot hairstyles that keep all eyes on your festive look. Try one of these styles for your birthday party, evening event or another special occasion. Keep up with the most recent hair color trends for 2017 and find out as many matching styling ideas as possible.glitter roots hair color for 2017

glitter roots hair color for 2017

glitter roots hair color for 2017

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