2017 Celebrity Brunette Hair Colors We Love

Celebrities are always on the top with their stylish hacks and posh looks. If you are looking for the ultimate trendy string of brunette hair colors for 2017 then make sure you have gone through all of these celebrity choices. They are our most favorite brunettes with the shiniest brown hair colors and delightful hairstyles that match their entire feminine style and charm.Kendall Jenner Brunette Hair Color

Kendall Jenner is one of Kardashian sisters who never change their hair color and stay true to their natural shade. All she does to beautify her shade is just enhancing it with the same tone of brunette. We often see her in dark cholate brown and deep espresso brown hair colors, which ideally go with her dark eyes and flawless skin. She shines in her brunette hairstyles and looks very beautiful thanks to her natural subtleness.Natalie Portman Brunette Hair Color

Natalie Portman is our second lovely celebrity with brunette hair. She wears daintier and lighter tone of brown to match with her skin tone and eyes. Her brunette hair colors have always been inspiring and trendy. She rocks the best shades to highlight her delightful beauty. Her warm brown eyes allow her to go for many warm brunette shades with flattering highlights. You can often see her in light brown and golden brown hair colors with caramelized highlights.Natalie Portman Brunette Hair Color 2017Bella Hadid Brunette Hair Color

Having light eyes and dark hair is an incredible blessing. Bella Hadid is one of those blessed ladies who rock a stunning contrasts with great pleasure. Although she can look natural with lighter hair colors but she knows that brunettes are more mysterious and powerful, that’s why she keeps up with dark brown shades. She proves that sometimes the simplest hues are the most luxurious for any season of the year.BELLA HADID brunette 2017Emily Ratajkowski Brunette Hair Color

What else could be so harmonious if not the combination of tanned skin with chestnut brown hair? Emily Ratajkowski has discovered the secret to the most feminine looks. She wears natural brown hair colors and brings out her real charm. She captures so many hearts thanks to her hairstyle and hair color choices that make her so lovely and seductive.EMILY RATAJKOWSKI brunette hair color 2017Salma Hayek Brunette Hair Color

One of the hottest brunette celebrities is surely Salma Hayek. Her natural shade is brunette and she likes to highlight it with shinier tones of brown that compliment her skin tone and eyes. Her soft highlights add dimension and make her hair more sparkling.SALMA HAYEK brunette hair color 2017

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