2017 Rose Gold Hair Colors: Celebrity Looks

Women seeking for luxurious and delightful pastel hair colors opt for the rose gold hair color trend for 2017. It’s the pinkish blonde that captures us with its dainty and feminine beauty. Compared with pastel pink and strawberry blonde hair colors rode gold is shiner and subtler. In other words, it’s the best way to think pink. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, January Jones, Dascha Polanco and Ellie Goulding have already discovered the beauty of the rose gold hair color. Let the next inspiring rose gold shade belong to you.2017 Rose Gold Hair Colors: Celebrity LooksJanuary Jones Rose Gold Hair Color

January Jones’s most favorite hair color combo is the blonde with pink. She has finally found the best mixture of this hair color. Now, we see her in a glamorous rose gold hairstyle. She adds a soft and fabulous touch of pink to her blonde locks and the result is this cool dimension. It breaks up her hair color into blonde and pink shades but looks like a single hair color at the same time.January Jones rose gold hair color 2017Kylie Jenner Rose Gold Hair Color

Having tanned skin tone Kylie Jenner is never afraid of light hair colors like the rose gold shade. As she has experimented with platinum blonde and pastel hair colors this option is not a surprise for her. It’s just the ultimate light hair color that brings out her skin and makes her wide eyes pop out. If you have tanned skin and dream of a stunning pink hair color then let it be Kylie’s choice.Kylie Jenner rose gold hair color 2017Ellie Goulding Rose Gold Hair Color

Ellie Goulding said goodbye to her traditional blonde hair to welcome the rose gold hair color. This time she has become more sophisticated and girlish in this hairstyle. Her haircuts often undergo unique changes but her hair colors are mostly in light tones and effects. This tone of rose gold compliments her light skin tone.Ellie Goulding rose gold hair color 2017Katy Perry Rose Gold Hair Color

As you see, the majority of crazy celebrities have fallen in love with the ravishing rose gold shade and among them we can see Katy Perry too. She has forgotten her natural hair color after so many rainbow hues. However, we know that she is a natural blonde, that’s why blonde hair colors look perfect with her complexion.Katy Perry rose gold hair color 2017Dascha Polanco Rose Gold Hair Color

If you have doubts whether rose gold will look pretty with your dark skin tone then I offer to check out Dascha Polanco’s rose gold hair color. Dascha Polanco proves that black-skinned women can also rock rose gold shades on their short haircuts.  Dascha Polanco rose gold hair color 2017

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