Ruby Rose’s Hottest Hair Colors

Do you want a hot inspiration for your hair? Check out Ruby Rose’s hottest hair colors and pick a shade for 2017. She is one of the bravest ladies in Hollywood who is not afraid of radical transformations and therefore often changes her hair colors from light to dark. This string of shades represents the best options that she has ever worn. She has experimented with any hair color that has crossed her mind.Ruby Rose’s Hottest Hair ColorsRuby Rose Red Hair Color

Her edgy pixie cut has undergone many changes with eye-catching hair colors. One of them is the coral red shade that works well with her complexion and warms it up. This hair color grabs attention with its softness. In spite of being warm and fiery it still has a kind of pastel peach effect, which keeps it subtler. Her short boyish haircut has become girlish thanks to this hue of red.Ruby Rose’s Hottest Hair ColorsRuby Rose Black Hair Color

Black is the hair color that Ruby Rose likes most. It is very flashy combined with her light skin tone and eyes. Although it’s a dark and harsh hair color for pixie haircuts but her style is stunning and inspiring just thanks to this hair color. Many started to copy her pixie hairstyles after she has gone for a deep black shade. it’s the darkest yet the most eye-catching hair color for her.Ruby Rose Black Hair ColorRuby Rose Silver Hair Color

Who else has worn silver hair? Perhaps the majority of adventurous celebrities have felt the charm of silver shades on their own hairstyles. Ruby Rose has gone for this shiny hair color to soften her haircut and get a well-balanced effect. It is ideal with her eyes and displays her complexion with its warm undertones. Her silver pixie hairstyles are among the most requested hairdos in salons.Ruby Rose Silver Hair ColorRuby Rose Blonde Hair Color

A traditional blonde hair color is nothing for Ruby Rose. She can easily pull of any blonde shade she likes after so many contrasting hair color ideas. From the lightest platinum blonde to the most neutral baby blonde shade she opts for the most flattering hues for her hair. Blondes compliment her skin and make her eyes pop out. Her hairstyles become fresher and trendier in blonde shades.Ruby Rose Blonde Hair ColorRuby Rose Pastel Hair Color

Ruby has chosen the lilac from all the pastel hair colors. This time her hairstyle is a bit long and more feminine. It has become more sophisticated in pastel purple shade. Iit is pretty even in its washed out and faded states. You can copy it for spring/summer 2017.Ruby Rose Pastel Hair Color

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