Kendall Jenner’s Hair Colors for Brunettes

Kendall is perhaps the only Kardashian sister that avid too frequent change ups and transformations when it comes to hair colors. She keeps her shade in its natural brunette tone and seldom wears blonde hair. This time we’ll unveil Kendall Jenner’s hottest hair colors for brunettes. You can use some of these hues to enhance your brunette hair or just spice it up.Kendal Jenner’s Hair Colors for BrunettesKendall Jenner Dark Brown Hair Color

Almost all brown and brunette hair colors chosen by Kendall Jenner are subtle and natural-looking. They have soft touches and look even tenderer thanks to her lovely hairstyles, which she prefers keeping simple and casual most of the time. Dark chocolate brown and espresso brown hues are the favorites of Kendall. She rocks them with a great pleasure.Kendall Jenner Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Compared with deep brown hair colors chestnut is a more neutral and exquisite tone of brunette that compliments many skin tones and eye hues. You can steal this shade from Kendall if you want to add more shine and natural effect to your brown locks. It looks better with red lips, posh eye makeups and loose wavy hairstyles, which display the freshness of the hue.Kendall Jenner Black Hair Color

Thanks to her flawless skin and wisely chosen makeup idea Kendall looks gorgeous with black hair. It’s obvious that this wavy lob hairstyle makes it even prettier. The gloss provided by the jet black hue can’t be compared with something else. Kendall proves that she can look very hot and seductive in the darkest brunette hair color. It’s her number one beauty weapon.Kendall Jenner Brunette Hair with Purple Highlights

Recently Kendall had some fun with hair colors. We have seen her in brunette lob hairstyle with purple highlights. This cool combo of hues is ideal for her sleek hairstyle. The light pastel purple shades lighten up her dark hair and make it look longer as they are mostly placed at the tips.Kendall Jenner purple hair 2017Kendall Jenner Blonde Hair Color

Once or twice Kendall has taken her first steps to the world of blonde hair colors. Her choice was basically the lightest blonde hair color. It’s the platinum shade that Kardashian sisters love so much. Perhaps she goes for this hair color when she is under the fashion influence of her sisters. Platinum blonde has the power to capture many hearts. It’s trendy and pretty with most skin tones.Kendall Jenner blonde hair 2017

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