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Stunning Ideas of Grey Hair Color

Let’s discover the grey hair colors from another side. This shade has become one of the most demanded hues in the fashion world. It has captures many hearts with its attractiveness and beauty. It’s the high time for you to pick up shades that grab more attention than your natural hair color. Those with natural grey strands can enhance them with fresher silver tones and highlights.  Stunning Ideas of Grey Hair ColorGrey Hair with Highlights

Look at this stunning lady with her black lace outfit combined with silver updo hairstyle. She is more than gorgeous in this granny hair trend that brings out her flawless skin. She has found the most flattering light tone for her hair. The light shade of grey with shiny silver highlights creates a fabulous effect on her messy updo hairstyle. It’s a great hairdo to try for prom nights.

Grey Hair Color and Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

Grey is an ethereal hair color with its light and dark shades. It comes up with a variety of tones to match various complexions. Taking into account the increasing popularity of this hair color trend we would like to focus on the most suitable hairstyle ideas for grey hair. Here are the best grey hair colors and hairstyles for 2017.Grey Hair Color and Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017Long Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Dark silver or black roots are great if you want to get a grey ombre hairstyle. Long tresses with dark roots allow you to lighten up the tips with a light shade of grey and achieve this cool result. One of the most popular ombre hair colors is the grey ombre for the moment. It continues to remain a big hair color trend for 2017. So, if you have long hair you can change it up with these two tones.

2017 Silver Hair Color Inspiration

Silver shoes, silver accessories, shiny silver outfits and finally silver hair. This hair color trend is perhaps the biggest and most popular for this year. If women were afraid to experiment with it in previous years many are ready to dye their hair in silver hair colors in 2017. Are you one of these enthusiasts? Keep on reading to reveal the best ideas of silver shades. Copy the most impressive looks to highlight your style.2017 Silver Hair Color InspirationPixie Geldof Silver Hair Color

It seems as if everyone matches silver hair colors either with long curls or short sleek pixie hairstyles. Pixie Geldof is always in the center of attention with her crazy haircuts and hairstyles. Compared with many of her experiments we can say that her silver hairstyle is quite subtle and elegant. It is a soft short pixie hairstyle in a light grey hair color.

New Silver Hair Color Ideas

There is a reason why stylish celebrities either keep their silver locks the way they are or reasonable dye them in a shiny silver hair color. It is very eye-caching and trendy at the same time. It’s so popular today that many even call it granny hair. While most of women over 40 do their best to   cover their grey hair, others find a charm in it and dye their entire hair in grey color.Silver Hair Color 2016Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Pink, Olsen twins and Rihanna also loved to grey hair color in different styles. One tried it in ombre style, another one experimented with half grey half black coloring and so on. Compared with pastel shades which also grab much attention silver hue has much more to bring out and to enhance. It’s all about originality, fab and glam. This doesn’t make you look older but adds and interesting touch into your look changing your whole appearance.

Best Blonde Hair Colors for Fair Complexion

They say blonde shades bring more joy and fun with them. There are so many hues of blonde that you can experiment with always lightening or darkening your hair. But if you have light skin tone and light eye color here we represent you the best blonde hair colors for fair complexion. If you have decided to change your current shade then have a look at these examples. A new hair color always tends to change your entire look and to provide you with a refreshed appearance.  blonde hair colorsStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

Blondes who are fond of reddish touches in their hair surely love the strawberry blonde hair color. It’s a very strong and inspiring hair color which is seldom met as a natural hue, which is one of the reasons why stylish ladies choose it. Strawberry blonde is ideal especially for those who have rosy cheeks and green eyes.

Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hair

When the ombre style was becoming popular many females tried to use it differently and carted such hairstyles that look more sophisticated and natural. We speak about ash blonde and silver ombre style. Do you think it may make your look older? Actually it only seems but in reality the result is very subtle and good-looking.ash Blonde silver OmbreBrown to Pale Blonde Ombre

If you have used to see brighter ombre hair colors then this one is something new for you. It’s calmer, paler and lighter. As you see it’s so soft that has an interesting sun-kissed touch which we usually see on babies’ hair. The pale blonde hue becomes lighter at the tips and makes the look really angelic.

Subtle Silver Hair Colors

When it comes to grey hair we start to become nervous because we don’t like to see this shade on our hair. But why? Let’s forget about the fact that you are getting older and consider the idea that it’s a unique subtle silver shade which is here to make your look trendy. In the world of fashion you see everything associated with silver starting from jewelry, shoes and outfits and if we can combine golden hair colors with golden stuff, then why don’t we think of silver hair colors as well? Today many fashionable girls choose this very shade for their hair even in the case when they don’t have a single grey hair. Now, I think you will change your mind about silver hair color.Silver Hair ColorsSo, if you are thinking of a exquisite and stylish hair color then have a look at these examples. There are several styles to choose for silver hair coloring. You can go for the silver ombre, monotone silver and for simple silver highlights. The only thing you should take into account is your current shade. As it’s a bit difficult to get a silver shade especially on dark hair you are supposed to be quite patient. It will take you several months to be achieved on your locks. That’s why be careful while choosing it. As it requires deep bleaching your locks may become damaged and this is very unpleasant for sure. Go for this hue only in case you really need it. Opt for a professional hair colorist who knows the technique of silver hair coloring and then go ahead.

Cool Grey Ombre Hair 2016

Do you like the latest trendy grey shade? It’s unique and adorable. While many do everything to hide their grey hair we are representing it in the most fashionable style. Try grey ombre in 2016 if you want to amuse your friends and relatives. Looking at these examples you’ll also see how beautiful it looks combined with any complexion.grey ombre hair color for 2016This neutral shade allows you show off your skin tone no matter it’s dark or light. It works with any length of locks and today many young stylish ladies, celebrities and models rock grey ombre. But let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of grey or silver ombre hairstyle. It’s not an easy task to make dark hair grey.

Hair Color Chart for All Shades

Women looking for the most suitable hair color for them usually look through hair color charts for all shades. Here we represent you the best hair color chart from where you can find the best shade for your hair. Now check these colors and pay attention to the images which are collected carefully special for color chart 2016Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

This is a perfect and stylish hair color for women with pale skin tones. If you have rosy undertones then you’ll get a well-balanced look with light ash blonde hair color since green and blue undertones of this hair color harmoniously go with your light complexion.