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2017 Ombre Hair Color Trends

It’s an undeniable fact that ombre hair colors continue to be big hair trend. Find your ultimate hair color inspiration looking at these ombre hair colors for 2017. They are the most innovative and fascinating shades that you can find in the fashion world. You’ll fall in love with some of the most creative options. Besides the traditional ombre shades there are also pastel, reddish and silver ombre styles that work well with many complexions.2017 Ombre Hair Color TrendsSilver Ombre Hair Color

The first hair color trend that you can try in 2017 is the silver ombre hair color. Dye the roots in a deep brown or black shade and lighten up the tips with a grey shade. Once you achieve this hair color your hairstyles become trendier. All types of long waves and straight hairstyles compliment silver ombre hair colors. As for short haircuts, you can go for sleek or messy bobs.

Warm Bronze Hair Colors

Bronze hair color is the shiniest hue of both light and dark browns. It’s a very hot shade that brings more femininity and attractiveness into your look. There are light and soft bronze shades as well as darker and more mysterious one. Each can choose the shade that goes with her complexion. If you have dark skin tone you may go for a dark bronze shade and those who have medium skin tones may choose a light bronze hue. Blondes can go for the lightest bronze hair color and redheads may pick the one that best works with their skin tone. Now, let’s see all these options.golden bronze hair 2016Light Bronze Hair Color

This great mixture of blonde and light brown shades has created the softest bronze hue for fair skin toned women and for those who want to warm up their pale complexion. This looks very subtle and fresh on short bob haircut which in its turn is a trendy hairstyle.

Cool Ombre Hair Color Ideas

There are some hair coloring techniques which are simply amazing. These dyeing methods are meant to enhance your look and make it more trendy and attractive. Many girls wish to get a style which has exactly these qualities. The hairstylists surely will give you, your favorite style but before going to a hairstylist you should know which your preferable shade is. To find out whether the style is created for you or not you should know your skin complexion otherwise the result will not be so satisfying.ombre hair color ideas Ombre hair color ideas are always fashionable, even today we can see many celebrities sporting ombre style. If you want to have something unique we highly recommend you to go for ombre hair coloring ideas. If you have already decided to go for ombre, then we have selected some interesting ombre styles which can be quite interesting. Now have a look at some of them and see whether you like the ideas or not.

New Silver Hair Color Ideas

There is a reason why stylish celebrities either keep their silver locks the way they are or reasonable dye them in a shiny silver hair color. It is very eye-caching and trendy at the same time. It’s so popular today that many even call it granny hair. While most of women over 40 do their best to   cover their grey hair, others find a charm in it and dye their entire hair in grey color.Silver Hair Color 2016Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Pink, Olsen twins and Rihanna also loved to grey hair color in different styles. One tried it in ombre style, another one experimented with half grey half black coloring and so on. Compared with pastel shades which also grab much attention silver hue has much more to bring out and to enhance. It’s all about originality, fab and glam. This doesn’t make you look older but adds and interesting touch into your look changing your whole appearance.

Half-Blonde Half-Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Today many girls are dying their hair half and half colors. They combine different contrasting shades that bring out their skin tone and eye color. The latest ideas of a half dying are half-blonde half-brunette hair colors. Though it’s very essential to keep in mind that changing the shade of hair is a serious step and should refer to it carefully, but those that find fun and inspiration in hair dying try various styles.Half Blonde Half Brunette hair 2016

If before it was quite strange to dye hair half and half, today it’s a common and very popular style. Actually they bring much joy and fun with them and make your appearance unique. With half blonde half brunette hair you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. It’s time to forget about single hair color and go for a more creative idea.

Subtle Pastel Pink on Blonde Hair

Pastel pink is one of the delightful shades for all kind of blonde hair colors. It’s perfect just for light hair colors and not for dark hues. This is ideal for holidays, festivals, parties and for special events where you should have an eye-caching and engaging look. Even a simple hairstyle can look very luxurious with subtle pastel pink on blonde hair.Pastel Pink on Blonde Hair 2016 It can be dyed in different ways and with various methods. One may like to have pink highlights on her luscious blonde locks for a long time and may use the semi-permanent dyeing, while another one may prefer to have them for a couple of days and may go for a hair chalk technique. Both provide you with a smashing and miraculous look combining which with natural-looking makeup and delicate dress is the best way to enhance your prettiness.

New Hair Colors to Try in 2016

More transformations make you look always different and fascinating. They tend to enhance your beauty and attractiveness. As for hair colors they bring out your complexion and change your entire appearance. Let’s have a look at the new hair colors for 2016 and pick a shade for our new color 2016Monotone Brunette Hair Color

Nowadays natural looks are more required and seductive than artificial and dramatic solutions. Monotone brunette shades like black, chestnut brown and chocolate brown look so natural particularly on long hair that it seems as if you haven’t changed your shade but you have got a refreshed look. The majority of celebrities today go back to their natural colors and they even rock their natural hairstyles with great pleasure.

Half Blonde Half Black Hair Color Ideas

Well, when it comes to hair color you need to think about many issues like your skin complexion and haircut. You should try to do your best in order to create an amazing look. Of course it depends on your hair color as well. There are many shades to wear but if you want to try something unique you should think about bold styles. Nowadays girls do not afraid to sport unusual and blonde hairHalf blonde half black hair color ideas are on the list of unique ones. Well, I agree that not all girls will go for these shades but those who are wearing black and white hues are obviously draw attention and stand out of the crowd. You can rock these shades in different ways. Some girls choose blonde highlights on black hair or the opposite version; others like to go for a deep dyed version or ombre style.

Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hair

When the ombre style was becoming popular many females tried to use it differently and carted such hairstyles that look more sophisticated and natural. We speak about ash blonde and silver ombre style. Do you think it may make your look older? Actually it only seems but in reality the result is very subtle and good-looking.ash Blonde silver OmbreBrown to Pale Blonde Ombre

If you have used to see brighter ombre hair colors then this one is something new for you. It’s calmer, paler and lighter. As you see it’s so soft that has an interesting sun-kissed touch which we usually see on babies’ hair. The pale blonde hue becomes lighter at the tips and makes the look really angelic.

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas

So far I have seen thousands of shades for ombre hair starting from the natural-looking blondes, brunettes and red to the most dramatic bold shades of rainbow and pastel. All these options look unique and very beautiful but there are several versions that are the bests of all ombre hair colors. If you have decide to go for this trendy style then hurry up!ombre hairDark Ombre Hair

This is quite natural look that can provide you with an amazing hairstyle. It can look nice on long straight hair as well as on curly hairstyles.  This is the best option for brunettes who want to make their hair lighter and more attractive.