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Cool Grey Ombre Hair 2016

Do you like the latest trendy grey shade? It’s unique and adorable. While many do everything to hide their grey hair we are representing it in the most fashionable style. Try grey ombre in 2016 if you want to amuse your friends and relatives. Looking at these examples you’ll also see how beautiful it looks combined with any complexion.grey ombre hair color for 2016This neutral shade allows you show off your skin tone no matter it’s dark or light. It works with any length of locks and today many young stylish ladies, celebrities and models rock grey ombre. But let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of grey or silver ombre hairstyle. It’s not an easy task to make dark hair grey.

Pastel Hair Highlight for 2016

Recently we can see that pastel hair colors are very popular. As the tendency of pastel hair colors grow so quickly we could not miss pastel highlights. Pastel highlights are created for those who do not want to go for dramatic changes but at the same time they want to get a pastel hairstyle. Pastel hair color ideas are great for girls who like to be fashionable and they do everything to move in the same line with last fashion trends. The pastel hair colors are excellent for a doll look if you have ever dreamed to get a look like a doll believe us that pastel hair color is the first step for that.pastel hair highlights 2016If you have already decided to get pastel highlights keep up reading and find the best pastel hair highlight for 2016 which will keep you attractive and unique.

Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2016

All you need for a hot look is a hot hair color so if you are fond of changing your hair color follow all instructions than go ahead. Make your own search in order to find out which hair color ideas are trendy and will continues to be trendy.trendy hair color ideas for 2016 For keeping you informed about the latest hair color ideas we selected hot hair colors for 2016, keep reading and choose the sexiest hair color which describes your personality and character features and do not hesitate to change your look because you may find something interesting which suits you more than your natural style

2016 Blonette Hair Colors

With the change of season we need to get new hairstyle and new hair color which help us to keep our fresh look. If you are tired of your style and you do not know what to do in order to create completely new look you should think about dying your hair. If you have luxury brunette hair or flirty blonde hair you may consider about the latest trends and add some warmer tones to your locks. The latest trend in hair color industry, that we may suggest you are blonette hair color ideas for 2016 which may completely change your look.

amazing blondette hair 2016 The blonette hair colors are very popular among celebrities and why not, you also may try this style. So, it is interesting to know why it is called blonette. It is called blonette because two colors are mixed here; blonde and brunette. In this case we can say that both blondes and brunettes may get this style. The combination of these two colors creates incredibly beautiful look. If you are thinking about changing your hair color blonette hair color is an excellent idea for you if you have blond or brunette hair.

2016 Highlighted and Lowlighted Hair Ideas

Highlights and lowlights are the best ways to enhance the beauty of your style. Both highlights and lowlights are quite popular among celebrities. When they do not know what to do they simply add highlights and lowlights to their hair. Highlights and lowlights are especially perfect for those who do not want to change their natural hair color but at the same time they need to have some changes. Here we have some 2016 highlighted and lowlighted hair ideas which may encourage you to go for changes.highlighted hairstylesHighlights and lowlights are very easy to achieve with the help of professional techniques. Highlights and lowlights may be added to all types of hair, here natural hair color is not so important. Due to highlights you may brighten up your natural or artificial hair color and create more impressive and cool look. The most popular highlights are blonde and brown shades but that does not mean that you cannot take other shades. Highlights can be different in their styles for example chunky highlights, here it mostly depends on the effect that you want to have.

Trendy Red Ombre Hair

What can be more beautiful than red ombre on darker hair? If you are fond of ombre hairstyles here we have some red ombre examples that can be very inspiring for you. Red ombre hair has its special place in fashion industry. At first we have seen famous celebrities with red ombre hair but nowadays non-celebrities also like this style. If we speak about celebrities who wore red ombre the first on who comes to our mind is Rihanna. She wore red ombre on black hair with long locks. She has so cool and impressive look that after her a lot of young girls started to wear this style. Rihanna was a real inspiration for a lot of girls. Then several years ago maybe it would seem crazy to walk down the street with black and red hair but nowadays except good comments you will not get anything else.

red ombre hairThe next important thing is to be able to get right colors otherwise your ombre will not be so effective. It takes courage for one to go for this style but believe us that at the end you will be completely satisfied. Once you have decided to sport this attention grabbing color you should think about number of things. First of all you should find good beauty salons where the professional hairstylists will help you with the trendy ombre hair color.

Purple Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Sometimes girls want to dye their hair but they do not know which shade to choose because there are a lot of hues that are possible to wear. Probable it is one of the most difficult decisions that girls have to make because hair color may change everything.purple hair colorOne of the most used hair colors is purple but like other colors purple also has a lot of shades and girls who want to dye their hair into purple probably faced with this problem but now no need to worry about it because we are going to represent you popular purple hair color ideas for 2016 which undoubtedly will help you to make your decision. Go on reading and find out the most impressive purple shades.

Dark Hair Colors 2016

Dark hair colors actually tend to make your look more mysterious and hotter. Compared with other hair hues these shades don’t fade soon and easily. They can keep their shine and darkness for a long time. If you have natural dark hair you can refresh it’s look by adding some highlights. If you are natural blonde or redhead and want a radical change in your appearance you may go for dark shades. In this post you will find dark hair colors for 2016 and if you are thinking of changing your hair color you may take one of these shades.  dark hair colors 2016Jet Black Hair Color

Jet black is a trendy hair color which looks very deep and brings a seductive touch in your look. It is sported by many celebs like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Megan Fox and by many others. This shade goes almost with nay complexion and suits every haircut from pixies to super long hairstyles.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016

When it comes to blonde hair colors you have a lot of choices. Blonde hair hues are very trendy and fashionable: females really like to wear this color. Since we know that blonde hair shades are one of the most popular ones, we will represent you blonde hair color ideas for 2016 because if we want to have a good  look we should always keep up with fashion and try all possible ways to create an interesting and astonishing look.blonde hair color ideas 2016We have decided to take famous celebrities as examples in order to make it clearer for you. Go on and see which celebrity wore the color that you would like to have in 2016.

Coolest Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2016

When it comes to pastel colors we think of the most delicate solutions that can be found in the world of hair styling. These colors are not only trendy but they look very subtle. As a radical change pastel hair colors give us various hair styling opportunities starting from cute highlights to the ombre styles. The most common pastel hair coloring is the monotone pastel hair which ids gorgeous on long haircuts. They continue to fill the top hair color lists of 2016 offering shades.pastel hair colors 2016So, if you really like one of pastel hair colors and want to wear it you should pay attention to several factors. First of all this hair coloring demands a deep bleaching which damages your hair. It can be easier for blondes to go for pastel hues then for darker hair colored ladies I am sorry to say. But there is a great solution for dark hair colors too.  Hairstylists advise to experiment with hair chalk coloring which will give you the best image of the colors you need to pick.