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6 Awesome Pastel Hair Colors

Actually all pastel hair colors are perfect and awesome but each female has her own taste about shades. Pastel hair colors have been introduced in the fashion industry and after that a lot of girls and women started to get this hair color. Pastel hair shades are really hot trend and cost to try. There is nothing better than to dye your hair into purple or green.pastel hair colorsGirls with this hair color have really a Barbie doll look and it is so feminine I bet a lot of girls want to try pastel hair shades. Of course there are many pastel shades that you can try. The main factor here is your complexions. You should perfectly match your complexions with the color that you are going to wear of undoubtedly in this case your hairstylists and makeup artists will help. The most amazing pastel shades are worn by celebrities and will always be in the center of attention.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2016

It is said that blondes have more fun and they enjoy the so many shades of their hue. Actually they do, because the sweatiest and the cutest shades can be found just in blonde hair colors. Today I want to represent you honey, golden and platinum blonde shades matching your complexion.blonde hair colorsPlatinum Blonde Hair Color

If you have a fair skin then you can go for the platinum blonde hair color because it’s shades are very close to your skin tone. Combining it with red lips and bold eye makeup you’ll get a fastidious look which will allure everyone. Why bright lips are essential? Because they don’t allow your face features get lost. Accordingly stylish medium platinum blonde can best go with medium skin tones and if you have dark skin then opt for an ashy platinum shade.

Hair Highlights for 2016

If you are ready to add some chic look to your hair it means you should go for highlights. We can speak about highlights for a long time because there are a lot of highlight ideas that you may try. Highlights are excellent for anyone particularly for those who do not want completely to change their hair colors. Today you will see some highlights for 2016 which you can wear for now. According to the professional hairstylists these highlights will be very popular in 2016 too. So if you are searching for a new style you may go on reading and find out what kinds of highlights famous experts suggest highlights for 2016Simple highlights add some attractiveness and sweetness to your look. You should update your tresses with beauty trends. Experiments with some eye-catching styles will have only a positive effect on you.

Alternative Hair colors

When it comes to hair color you should always think which shades will work well with your skin tone. It is very difficult to choose any shade from million. Each color has many shades which make women think even harder. They should concentrate and choose a shade which is for their complexions. Professional hairstylists always come up with new hair coloring ideas. They mix several shades and get completely unique hair color.alternative hair colorNow we will suggest you some alternative hair colors which may impress you as well. Transformation from one color to another will give you completely new points of views. Before choosing any hair color think it is describes your personality or not because if it is not your type you are notgoing to feel yourself confortable while we need something which will make you feel as fish in water.

Platinum blonde highlights for 2016

When it comes to hair colors you always need to choose something which will match with your skin complexions. Before choosing any hair color you should go to your makeup artist to find out which shades will bring out your skin tone and eye color. There are million shades that you can try it depends on your preferences but you should know that both darker and lighter hair colors are in trend. Those who are still thinking of changing their hair color should continue reading our article because we have decided to represent the best platinum blonde hair for 2016. We advise you always to keep up with high fashion and be informed about the latest trands. Be a step forward from you friends and people surrounded you and get super fashionable and trendy hair colors.platinum blonde highlighted hair 2016No matter in a total or highlighed form, the blonde shadea are always in the center of attention. Different shades of blonde fascinate all women around the world and day by day we can see increasing number of blonde shades wearers.

Perfect Dark Hair Colors 2016

Soon we will sum up hair color trends for 2015 and will go for the bests of 2016. Each year we see new and new changes in hair coloring world and the latest hair styling techniques just amuse us. Today we would like to introduce perfect dark hair color ideas for 2016 and if you are thinking of a nice transformation start from your shade.dark hair colors 2016Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Dark chocolate brown hair color is a warm and hot hue that works with dark and olive skin tones. However if you have light skin tone and dark hair you are also welcome to choose a spiffy shade between dark brown hair colors. It can highlight your cool skin and can bring out light eyes. And those that have dark eye color should know that dark brown eyes make the best matching for dark chocolate brown tint.

Dramatic Hair Color Ideas to Wear

When it comes to hair colors we always hesitate to go for changes while the best way to enhance the look is to change  hair shades. Some people think that there is nothing better than your natural hair, of course in some way it is good to keep your natural hair but staying in the same style for a long time is both tiring and boring except these maybe you will find a color that will suit you better than your natural hair color. If you have decided to go for changes we advise you to feel free and take the color which is closer to your heart. The most important thing is that you should not avoid trying new experiments otherwise you will not be able to get the style.dramatic hair colorsYou should select a hair color which perfectly matches with your skin tone. If you are looking for new hair coloring ideas probably dramatic hair colors are for you. There are many possible ways to get a dramatic look so you should be informed about the latest trendy hair coloring ideas. Get out of the traditional styles and show to the world your creativeness. Every girl should have an opportunity to discover the effects of different hair color ideas.

Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Get ready to do all experiments with your hair because each season brings new hair color ideas. Those who do not know what to do with their hair should keep calm because fashion-forward look will guarantee their completely new and fresh look. The tendency of wearing bright hair colors in 2016 will be higher. So, bright hair color lovers, check out the best bright hair colors that we have selected for you. The styles that we are going to offer you will not be easy to get by yourself so first of all before making a decision to go for these styles find a professional hairstylist, who can help you to achieve the look.bright hair colors 2016Vibrant hair colors suggest you limitless volume and texture. Add extra highlights to your locks if you want a bold look. If you like to fallow celebrities’ super styles you have probably noticed that they are wearing multi tone hairstyles. It is becoming more and more popular among them and grabs too much attention.

Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Changing your hair color for the upcoming year can be a smart choice. You need to look fresh and pretty in any season and for this reason you are supposed to opt for a trendy hair color. We’ll help you find your shade suitable for your skin tone. Check the following hair color ideas for colorsBlended Ombre

You think ombre has a standard root and hair end dying technique? Look here. It’s blended ombre that has richer and fuller look. Doesn’t it? I guess you are thinking of highlights. Yes, in this case they are used. For brown shades take caramel and for blonde shades go for golden blonde highlights. If you are a redhead then besides combining dark and light shades of red also consider highlights.

Cool Multi-Toned Red Hair Color Ideas for 2016

You may wear red highlight on your natural hair and arouse your beautiful appearance. In 2016 multi-toned red hair will be very popular and you can wear them in all seasons. Both short crops and long tresses will bring out the beautiful shades of your hair. Try to find shades which work well with your skin tone. The hair colors and hairstyles are the best ways to make opinion about women’s personality. If you want to get a unique look and be different from others just take noticeable and vivid colors which immediately grabs others’ attention. But those who like to have a traditional and natural look may go for some natural tones.2016 multi toned red hairThe hair colors that we represent are going to attract you and give you an idea what hair color to choose in order to be feminine and attractive.