Brown Hair Color Trends to Choose for 2017

Brown is a natural human hair color but it comes with a number of shades and tones that suits this or that particular complexion. Our guide to the latest brown hair colors trends for 2017 will help you pick up the most suitable shade for your hair. Pay special attention to the skin tones and matching hues, so that you can find yours. If you have also discovered that brunettes are mysterious and hot then it’s the high time for you to refresh your locks with a new brown hue.Brown Hair Color Trends to Choose for 2017Emma Watson Light Brown Hair Color

Emma Watson is one of the cutest celebs who likes her natural hair color and keeps it fresh with regular touch ups. Her light brown shade is not only gorgeous and suitable for her skin tone but it’s also very fashionable and inspiring for many medium-skinned girls. Her red lips enhance the beauty of her complexion and create an elegant effect with her hair color. If you look for a trendy shade of brown that works well with most shades then light brown is on point.EMMA WATSON light brown hair color 2017Miranda Kerr Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Another major hair color trend is the chestnut brown with caramel highlights. Let’s call this hair color combination caramel candy as it’s so cute and delightful on Miranda’s curls. Those face framing highlights draw attention to her attractive face and slender features. It’s obvious that the warm chestnut brown and caramel create a deep contrast with her blue eyes and make her more glamorous.Miranda kerr brown hair color 2017Alexa Chung Reddish Brown Hair Color

Are you in a search of a warmer and richer brown hair color? Steal Alexa Chung’s reddish brown hair color and embrace your hair. She has enriched her dark brunette hair with reddish hints, which are beautifully reflected on this updo hairstyle. Her light skin allows her to become more charming with dark and warm shades. brown hair color 2017 Rashida Jones Brown Balayage Hair Color

Look at her skin tone and eye hue. Rashida Jones has seductive tan skin tone and matching brown eyes, which require fresh brown hair colors. It’s a soft brown balayage hair color that she has chosen for her layered hairstyle. As a big hair color trend brown balayage is a good thing to try this year. It will spice up your monotone brown hair with a subtler touch.Rashida Jones brown balayage hair color 2017Nathalie Emmanuel Auburn Hair Color

What a stunner is this? Nathalie Emmanuel is one of the most charming and beautiful celebs with natural hair. She likes to beautify her frizzy strands with fascinating reddish brown hair colors. This tone of auburn frames her face so daintily and provides her with a fresher effect.Nathalie Emmanuel hair color 2017

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