Light Blonde Hair Color Inspiration

Light blondes are the most celestial and angelic hair colors that you can ever meet in the fashion world. Women with these shades are the most feminine and daintiest ladies. After reading this article you’ll start thinking of light blonde hair colors as the most beautiful options for women. Let’s have a look at the trendiest tones of light blonde offered by posh celebs.Light Blonde Hair Color InspirationMichelle Williams Baby Blonde Hair Color

Is there are cooler solution for a short and boyish pixie haircut? Perhaps Michelle Williams has worn the best shade of blonde to transform her short haircut into a feminine hairstyle. This baby blonde hair color flatters her skin tone making it lighter and more attractive. She looks flawless in it and sparkles with her unique beauty. You can wear this light tone of blonde if you have always dreamed of that cute baby blonde shade.Michelle williams baby blonde hair color 2017Poppy Delevingne Icy Blonde Hair Color

Look how Poppy Delevingne has taken the platinum blond hair color trend to the next level with an icy touch. She looks like a real icy queen due to her luxurious outfit, sleek hairstyle and of course, that powerful facial expression. She could be the next queen in the kingdom of ice. This shade flatters her long sleek hairstyle and goes well with her complexion. It’s an inspiring experiment with platinum blonde that can make even brunettes think of a cool change.Poppy Delevingne light platinum blonde hair color 2017Emma Stone Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

Although she wears many red hair colors but blonde is her natural shade. Emma Stones likes to keep her hairstyle and hair color choices as elegant as possible and the result is this subtle look. She wears flaxen blonde hair color on her medium wavy hairstyle.  As she is a natural blonde, flaxen blonde suits her very much.Emma Stone flaxen blonde hair color 2017Taylor Swift Light Blonde Hair Color

Taylor Swift is our next blonde-haired stunner with her lavishing curly hairstyle. She can wear any tone of blonde she likes from the dirty tone to the lightest platinum. And we have seen her in both shades. This tone of blonde however is the most natural-looking for her complexion and eyes. It’s a light blonde with ash-y touches. Consider it, if you have the same skin tone as Taylor.Taylor Swift light blonde hair color 2017Kate Bosworth Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Looking for the lightest tone of golden blonde? Here it is worn by Kate Bosworth. She is so seductive in her blonde hairstyles because light blonde shades perfectly go with her style. Kate has the same beauty as the white rose and she looks so delightful with this shiny and sunny blonde hair color.Kate Bosworth light blonde hair color 2017

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