Celebrity Black Hair Colors for 2017

Black is a timeless hair color and it will in style forever because rave-haired stunners are gorgeous. While some thing that blondes have more fun many men like women with black hair. Discover the secret of black hair colors for 2017 looking at these hot celebrities. You’ll fall in love with some of the hairstyles that sparkle in strong black hair colors.Celebrity Black Hair Color for 2017Rihanna Black Hair Color

It’s not a secret that Rihanna’s natural hair is black but she has gone for millions of other shades to change up her look. However, one thing is obvious, this cutie comes back to her astounding black hair color time to time as it’s the most suitable for her complexion and it provides her with classy touches. Her black bob haircut is still in trend and many of her black fans copy it as a fancy hairstyle.Celebrity Black Hair Color for 2017Selena Gomez Black Hair Color

Selena Gomez is our next mysterious brunette with thick black hair. Her hairstyles are always voluminous and eye-catching. That’s why even black is enough for her to stand out in the crowd. She often opts for caramel highlights to update her black shade, but it’s beautiful in monotone looks too. Those charming waves and thick strands are posh in black.Selena Gomez black hair 2017Katy Perry Black Hair Color

Here is a natural blonde with black hair. It’s Katy Perry that has forgotten her natural shade and made everyone to forget about it. When she opts for light blonde hair colors everyone gets surprised but when she is in black hairstyle no one asks “what a new hair color?” because she has created the impression as if she is a brunette with light complexion and light eyes. What else can be so stunning and ravishing? black hair 2017Kylie Jenner Black Hair Color

Kylie Jenner has also gone for millions of looks with crazy hair colors. Black is one of her modest and classiest hair color ideas that flatters her skin tone and looks natural with her eyes. She is delightful with loose wavy lob hairstyles that frame her cute face. black hair color 2017Lily Collins Black Hair Color

Remember raven-haired Snow White? It’s my glamorous Lily Collins who is the most inspiring black-haired celebrity for many girls. She proves that the soft black can be ideal with pale skin tone. You may take the risk and dye your hair in a black shade if you have pale skin and it looks very light with blonde hair.Lily Collins black hair color 2017

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