Celebrities’ Hair Colors and Shades

Celebrities always surprise us with new hair coloring ideas. They bring a new breath in the world of fashion. When celebrities get any haircut or hair shade they think about each detail because all their hairstyles and hair colors perfectly suits them. I am sure that you agree with me. Both hair colors and hairstyles totally change their look and sometimes we cannot even recognize them. By the way they are a perfect inspiration for women who think about changes but do not have courage to go for it. If you also look for cool makeover you should check the celebrities’ hair colors and hairstyles that we have selected for you.celebrities hair colorsIf you like one of the celebrity’s hairstyle and hair color that we have represented below, and decide to go for that style do not forget to think about your face shapes, skin tone and some other factors that may destroy your look. Of course, if the style is not proper for your complexion your look will be completely destroyed. Now let’s see the celebrities that we have chosen.

Meagan Good’s Punk-Inspired Haircut

Well, we have selected the best looks of the following celebrities so you can see Meagan Good’s perfect hairstyle on dark shade which is really eye-catching. The dark shades have been perfectly matched with the skin tone although the hairstyle plays great role too. Her punk inspired haircut is really feminine and it seems that the style has been created for her face shapes. Actually, those who do not have a perfect face shape should not go for this hairstyle which emphasizes face features.

Megan Good  Punk-Inspired Haircut

Megan Good Punk-Inspired Haircut

amazing Megan Good  Punk Inspired Haircut

amazing Megan Good Punk Inspired Haircut

Keri Hilson’s Bob Haircut on Blonde

Kery Hilson looks really perfect with her bob haircut especially that she has worn it on her blonde hair. For her dark skin tone Buttery blonde shades work really cool so girls who have darker skin tone should not avoid getting blonde hair color the most important thing to find the right shade. Her hair color makes her eyes pop out. In a word her look is really impressive.

Keri Hilson Bob Haircut on blonde hair

Keri Hilson Bob Haircut on blonde hair

Keri Hilson  Bob Haircut blonde hair

Keri Hilson Bob Haircut blonde hair

Rihanna Black Shade on Long Layered Hairstyle

Well Rihanna is perfect both with long and short hair but in all cases she looks really tp much faminine. Rihanna knows how to combine her hair clor with hairstyle. One of her best looks is dark shade with caramle highlights on her long locks. To be honest, this is on of her best looks. Everything has been perfectly matched with each other.

Rihanna  Long Layered Hair on dark shade

Rihanna Long Layered Hair on dark shade

Rihanna  Long Layered Hair

Rihanna Long Layered Hair

So if you decide to choose on of these haircolor and hairstyle suggestions just try to know whether thay are proper for your face shapes and skin tone or not. So we wish you good luck with your new hair color and hairstyle.




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