Black Cherry Hair Color
Black Hair Colors

Do and Don’t When You Have Black Cherry Hair Color

For you who are still not sure about choosing black cherry hair color – how it will look like or whether or not it will suit you, this article will give some information in regard to the hair dye using black cherry hair color. Black Cherry Hair Color Actually, “cherry” …

Dark Auburn Hair Color
Red Hair Colors

Lets See Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Your New Hair Color

Whether it is bright, dark, bold, or soft, auburn hair color always has a beautiful red accent. Applying the right shade of the auburn color will perfectly complement the skin tone of yours. A light auburn hair color can give such an incredible boost to brunettes. Meanwhile, if your hair …

How to Used Vidal Sassoon Hair Color
Hair Highlights

How to Used Vidal Sassoon Hair Color

The Vidal Sassoon hair color is actually a hair dye product which is inspired by the salon techniques so that it will give a great result for you who want to use it on your own at home. The VS hair color’s experts have tried their best to bring the expertise of …

blonde highlights on brown hair
Brown Hair Colors

How to Put Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on brown hair can make your style look fresh and cool. The golden blond luster will make your display change dramatically. You can change your style in just a few minutes. Brown hair has a unique style. This hair color can be used for all events. You can come …

Dirty Blonde Hair Color
Blonde Hair Colors

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Who Will Make You Amazing

Dirty blonde hair color raises a lot of thought. Hair color uses bleaching process and other transformation. Maybe you are still confused to choose the right hair color. You do not need to worry because this article will provide information about the selection of blonde hair color for you. Blond hair …

Get Fascinating Hair Look with Arctic Fox Hair Colour
Silver Hair Colors

Get Fascinating Hair Look with Arctic Fox Hair Colour

Arctic fox hair colour is a great option for you who look for high quality of hair colouring but in the same time you also take care to the environment. Although it is just established in 2014 by Kristen Leanne, a popular animal lover, Arctic Fox has already becomes one of …

highlights for dark brown hair
Brown Hair Colors

Interesting Highlights for Dark Brown Hair Ideas You Need to Try

Highlights for dark brown hair is not only add colour but also can turn the look to be more interesting even the dark colour itself already provides deep look. Dark brown or popularly known as brunette looks completely fascinating, shiny and rich but this single colour will not mesmerize everyone. However …

balayage and ombre
Red Hair Colors

Best Balayage Highlights and Ombre Hair Color

When it comes to best balayage highlights or ombre hair color people always confuse these two styles. Actually they are similar but are not the same. If you want to go for a balayage you are supposed to deal with highlights rather than with two-tone coloring. On the other hand ombre requires …