Kendal Jenner’s Hair Colors for Brunettes

Kendall is perhaps the only Kardashian sister that avid too frequent change ups and transformations when it comes to hair colors. She keeps her shade in its natural brunette tone and seldom wears blonde hair. This time we’ll unveil Kendall Jenner’s hottest hair colors for brunettes. You can use some of these hues to enhance your brunette hair or just spice it up.Kendal Jenner’s Hair Colors for BrunettesKendall Jenner Dark Brown Hair Color

Almost all brown and brunette hair colors chosen by Kendall Jenner are subtle and natural-looking. They have soft touches and look even tenderer thanks to her lovely hairstyles, which she prefers keeping simple and casual most of the time. Dark chocolate brown and espresso brown hues are the favorites of Kendall. She rocks them with a great pleasure.

Bright Hair Color Trends 2017

Bright hair colors come and come by the time and there are seasons that make them become the biggest trends. Summer and autumn are perhaps the best season for bright shades. Check out these bright hair color trends for 2017 and pick the shade that flatters your skin. Luckily, the chosen hues are not that crazy and unnatural. They seem to be the enhanced tones of natural hair colors.Bright Hair Color Trends 2017Bright Copper Hair Color

The first shade is the bright copper red hair color. It’s one of the most requested hair colors for fall but you can wear it all year round if you want to become a glamorous redhead. Women with natural red hair colors can use it to emphasize and refresh their shade. It is perfect for pale, light and medium skin tones. If you have green or blue eyes then the final look is going to be sophisticated.

2017 Caramel Hair Color Trends for All Skin Tones

Wondering if caramel hair suits you or not? Let’s discover it together right here and right now. It’s a well-known fact that caramel is one of the hottest hair color trends for 2017. Many women rock it as their biggest hair color trend and like to match it with brown hair, ombre styles and highlights. But the matter is whether they rock the right tone or style of caramel for their complexion and hairstyles. Have a look at these posh celebrities and decide your best caramel hair color for 2017.2017 Caramel Hair Color Trends for All Skin TonesCaramel Hair Color and Tan Skin

Jessica Alba is one of the hottest celebs with tan skin. Her complexion is warm and very inspiring. It ideally works with her warm brown eyes and creates an incredible style with caramel hairstyles. Actually, tan skin is the best to pair with caramel hair colors. It’s the most harmonious combination that looks so natural. Dark-haired women can lighten up their shade with caramel highlights or monotone caramel hair colors and become subtler like Jessica.

Summer 2017 Coolest Hair Color Ideas

Summer is on the corner and we are here to discover the best hair color ideas for summer 2017. Are you ready for a posh transformation? Pick up one of these shades and spice up your hair. Whether your hair is short or long you’ll find a matching hair color to embrace it. Sometimes a single trendy hair color is enough to do miracles with your appearance. It’s all about balance and sophistication.Summer 2017 Coolest Hair Color IdeasBeach Blonde Highlights

Your beach waves will be thankful for the sandy blonde highlights you choose to match in the hot summer season. These are sometimes cool babylghts that highlight your natural blonde tone making it multidimensional and therefore, prettier. Women with tan skin tones can draw attention to their blonde hairstyle with the help of fresh sandy blonde highlights. You may mix them with platinum blonde highlights for a more sparkling effect.

2017 Rose Gold Hair Colors: Celebrity Looks

Women seeking for luxurious and delightful pastel hair colors opt for the rose gold hair color trend for 2017. It’s the pinkish blonde that captures us with its dainty and feminine beauty. Compared with pastel pink and strawberry blonde hair colors rode gold is shiner and subtler. In other words, it’s the best way to think pink. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, January Jones, Dascha Polanco and Ellie Goulding have already discovered the beauty of the rose gold hair color. Let the next inspiring rose gold shade belong to you.2017 Rose Gold Hair Colors: Celebrity LooksJanuary Jones Rose Gold Hair Color

January Jones’s most favorite hair color combo is the blonde with pink. She has finally found the best mixture of this hair color. Now, we see her in a glamorous rose gold hairstyle. She adds a soft and fabulous touch of pink to her blonde locks and the result is this cool dimension. It breaks up her hair color into blonde and pink shades but looks like a single hair color at the same time.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends 2017

Unveil the best collection of the low-maintenance hair color trends for 2017. These lady-girl-approved shades are the best to consider when you don’t have that much time to spend on your hair but still want a trendy update. Cute hair highlights and modern hair color trends will surely help you to solve that problem. No matter your base shade, you can always refresh it with hot trends.Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trends 2017Face-Framing Highlights

The easiest way to spice up your hairstyle is adding some fresh face-framing highlights. They will look natural and will embrace your hair. Depending on your skin tone you can choose either light or dark shades for the front strands. The result also depends on your natural hue. Brunettes, for example can go for caramel highlights while blonde-haired women are welcome to add some golden or honey tints.

Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors 2017

Need to know the right hair highlights for your hair? You are in the right place. Check out these hair highlights for all hair colors for 2017 and find the flattering idea for your base shade. Whether you have sleek or curly hair you are welcome to beautify it with fresh highlights of the same style. Unveil the world of the best hair highlights.Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors 2017Caramel Highlights for Brunette Hair

Do it without thinking over thinking as caramel is the never wrong for brunet hair. Start the coming warm season with caramel highlights and lighten up your dark shade. Experts offer to match this hair color with balayage highlighting techniques in order to get natural effects. If you haven’t discovered the real beauty of the balayage style then it’s the right time for you to try it. What are you thinking of? Welcome the most flattering highlights for brunette locks.

Light Blonde Hair Color Inspiration

Light blondes are the most celestial and angelic hair colors that you can ever meet in the fashion world. Women with these shades are the most feminine and daintiest ladies. After reading this article you’ll start thinking of light blonde hair colors as the most beautiful options for women. Let’s have a look at the trendiest tones of light blonde offered by posh celebs.Light Blonde Hair Color InspirationMichelle Williams Baby Blonde Hair Color

Is there are cooler solution for a short and boyish pixie haircut? Perhaps Michelle Williams has worn the best shade of blonde to transform her short haircut into a feminine hairstyle. This baby blonde hair color flatters her skin tone making it lighter and more attractive. She looks flawless in it and sparkles with her unique beauty. You can wear this light tone of blonde if you have always dreamed of that cute baby blonde shade.

Celebrity Black Hair Colors for 2017

Black is a timeless hair color and it will in style forever because rave-haired stunners are gorgeous. While some thing that blondes have more fun many men like women with black hair. Discover the secret of black hair colors for 2017 looking at these hot celebrities. You’ll fall in love with some of the hairstyles that sparkle in strong black hair colors.Celebrity Black Hair Color for 2017Rihanna Black Hair Color

It’s not a secret that Rihanna’s natural hair is black but she has gone for millions of other shades to change up her look. However, one thing is obvious, this cutie comes back to her astounding black hair color time to time as it’s the most suitable for her complexion and it provides her with classy touches. Her black bob haircut is still in trend and many of her black fans copy it as a fancy hairstyle.

2017 Popular Red Hair Colors

Red hair is gorgeous in all styles and effects. It’s because the majority of women have brunette and blonde hair many want to become natural-looking redheads and they try to find out the most popular red hair colors for 2017. If you are one of them then look at this cool string of natural-looking red shades and make your choice right here.2017 Popular Red Hair ColorsGinger Red Hair Color

Have you ever seen a natural redhead? It’s the ginger red shade on his/her hair. This light and subtle hair color is a big trend in Hollywood. Many blondes dye their hair with ginger red and become forever red-haired beauties. People soon forget this natural shade and start thinking that this or that celebrity has always been in red hair. You can do the same with your hair if you are in love with light red hair and have the flattering complexion for it.